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We rely on the generous donations of our supporters and the great work of our volunteers in the UK and abroad. Below are our emergency appeals, current and past campaigns that hugely benefit the most needy. This is only possible with your greatly appreciated support.



Deen Relief Field Visit – Adana, Turkey, October 2022

The smile of an innocent child is one of the most endearing things to experience in life.

Imagine now, the smile of an innocent child who is suffering from cancer, has fled their home and become a refugee in a foreign land. Against that backdrop, the smile now becomes infinitely more priceless.

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Deen Relief Brighton Homeless Project Volunteer: Rami Mansour

They say charity begins at home and so it was that the Homeless Project in Brighton was first conceived by local resident and Deen Relief founder, Shabek Ali, in the winter of 2010. Since then, Deen Relief has continued to regularly provide a lifeline of support for thousands of vulnerable people living rough on the streets of Brighton.

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Juber Ali, orphan child

At Deen Relief, we often keep in touch with those who have benefitted from our work
and check back with them from time to time. It was with great sadness that we learnt
that Juber’s mother, Khaleka, passed away last year in Ramadan 2020. She had been
suffering from kidney problems.

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