Save Refugee Children

With Cancer
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We rely on the generous donations of our supporters and the great work of our volunteers in the UK and abroad. Below are our emergency appeals, current and past campaigns that hugely benefit the most needy. This is only possible with your greatly appreciated support.

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Honouring the Sunnah of Prophet Ibrahim. PBUH

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Save Refugee Children
With Cancer

Join us in making a difference today! There's nothing more heart-wrenching than witnessing the pain of children battling cancer.
Let's come together to bring hope and care to Syrian children facing
this devastating disease.

Aid for Homeless
Community UK

Deen Relief has been dedicated to supporting the local homeless community since 2012. In fact, this is our longest running, ongoing campaign. Please help us continue to run this much needed service via monetary and food donations.

Bangladesh Housing
Aid Project

Join hands with Deen Relief and make a lasting impact! Our Bangladesh Housing Aid initiative is dedicated to
constructing sustainable homes for the homeless, orphaned, and disabled children in Bangladesh.
Your support can transform lives and provide a secure
future for those in need.

Palestine Relief Campaign Image
Palestine Relief

Deen Relief is raising funds for the urgent humanitarian crisis that has unfolded in Palestine. We are aware that the immense suffering is an issue so close to everyone’s heart. Please donate what you can.

Fulfill Your Duty!
Contribute Zakat Today.

Zakat is a fundamental pillar of Islamic practice, representing the act of giving to those in need as a means of purification and social responsibility. By contributing Zakat, you play a crucial role in uplifting communities, providing for the less fortunate, and fostering a spirit of compassion. Join us in making a positive impact – your support through Zakat transforms lives and helps build a more just and caring society. Give generously today and be part of a powerful force for positive change.

Bangladesh clean
water aid project

We believe that access to clean water is a fundamental human right. Our mission is to provide sustainable clean water solutions to communities in need across Bangladesh. We envision a future where every individual has the opportunity to lead a healthy life, unburdened by the challenges of waterborne diseases.

Bangladesh Orphan

Join us, this Ramadan, in creating a legacy. Your compassion can rewrite a child's destiny, offering the gift of education, nourishment, and a loving home. Join us in creating a legacy of hope and opportunity.

Deen Relief Centre For Refugee Children With Cancer
Deen Relief Care Centre for Refugee Children with Cancer