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Project titleMujammel Hussein, serious burns victim
Location Sylhet, Bangladesh
Date notified March 2021
DR Support Medical care and bills - £250
Outcome: Child is able to walk again
Through our team of volunteers in Sylhet, Bangladesh, in March 2021, Deen Relief came to learn of 1 ½ year old Mujammel Hussein, a victim of a serious burns accident.
As is often the case in Bangladesh, in the poorest villages cooking is done using open-fire earthen hobs which sit at ground level. These are particularly dangerous for small children who are often prone to tripping or falling over next to these exposed fires.
On what began as a normal day, Mujammel and his two siblings were left sleeping whilst his parents were away at work. His mother works as a housemaid in a neighbouring village and his father is a rickshaw puller. The hob at home had been left unattended but this was not unusual. Mujammel’s mother had expected to be back before her children awoke. Unfortunately, on this occasion, Mujammel had woken up earlier than expected and wandered outside only to end up accidentally placing his foot in the fire. He suffered severe burns to his right foot and subsequently, lost all his toes.
At first, various doctors explained that amputation of the leg was the only viable solution to end Mujammel’s misery. However, it was at this point that Deen Relief was contacted. Together with our team in Sylhet, Mujammel was taken to be seen other doctors to determine the best course of action for him. Alhamdulillah, we finally found a doctor who prescribed medication for him and, most importantly, was able to save his leg!
Since we met Mujammel and his family in March, Deen Relief has been following his progress. We are very happy to report that the money donated to this case has enabled the family to buy medicines and Mujammel is on the road to recovery. Without such financial support, the family would have been in an even more dire situation than they already are. The absolutely wonderful news is that he is able to walk again and life is returning to as normal as possible for him and his family.
In addition, Deen Relief has helped secure his entitlement to a monthly government allowance of up to BDT 1000 (Bangladeshi Taka) or about GBP 8.00. This will go some way to helping Mujammel’s family who have no permanent home of their own. Needless to say, his parents are immensely grateful to all the loyal Deen Relief donors who have donated so generously towards their plight.
At Deen Relief, we aim to lift communities out of the cycle of poverty and not just individuals. Providing emergency financial support to a child like Mujammel enables his parents to continue to work and use their modest income to feed their family. Of course, none of this would have been possible without the generosity and kindness of Allah (swt) and our loyal Deen Relief supporters. It is yet another success story, Alhamdulillah and we hope to reach out to make a long-term difference to many others like Mujammel and his family, insha’Allah.


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