Deen Relief was started in 2013 by Brighton Hove resident Shabek Ali. Shabek was born in Bangladesh and suffered from Polio as a child. As an adult living in the UK he became acutely aware of the suffering of thousands of Bangladeshi children living in Bangladesh unable to access adequate healthcare, support, education, and food.

How it all started
Shabek started Deen Relief to provide a direct channel of support to these poor, vulnerable and disabled children. By approaching his local community, friends and family in the UK for donations, he was able to deliver food parcels directly to children in remote areas of Bangladesh, and grow the charity into what it is today. Shabek has expanded the scope of the organization across multiple countries in order to maximise the reach of the charity and its donations.
Shabek Ali – Founder

Clare Abdul Basit – Director 

Dania Raffik – Secretary

Sabia Ali – Trustee
Uthman Jeewa – Trustee
Ayesha Jalil – SMM Manager


Somru Mia –  representative 

Suhel Mia – Field officer

Rahul Mia – Field officer

Dr Ruslin Tandri
Sabna Muhidin M. Ed. Representative
Firdiansyah Alhabsyi M. Ed. Representative


To achieve our mission as best as possible, we work with partners who have the specialist skills, access, or resources required to create the greatest impact for the people we want to help. Partners may be based locally in the Brighton and Hove area, or internationally where our projects are based. Partners may contribute skills, access, resources, or knowledge to Deen Relief to help us have the greatest impact. We give our deepest thanks to all our partners who help Deen Relief to reach so many in need locally and internationally.


We are honest and transparent in our fundraising activities, and welcome any queries. We are not affiliated with any political parties or organisations.


We are devoted to our cause of helping and uplifting communities at home as well as abroad, and to use our platform to raise awareness for local and international causes.


We care deeply for the people we aim to help, and for those who work with us, respecting all races, religions, orientations and backgrounds.


We help poor, vulnerable, and disabled children and adults locally and internationally, through direct support or close partnerships with specialist organisations.

Our aim is to provide help to those who need it most either reaching them directly, or working closely with those who can.

We recognise that people across both the world and in our own community here in the UK can benefit from our help, and we fundraise for and run projects in both.

Our strategy is to raise money directly for our own causes such as the Bangladeshi Children Fund (BCF) where we distribute food and blankets internationally, and we also support local causes such as Feeding the Homeless in Brighton and Hove.

We also work with reliable and larger registered partner charities, who have extensive experience in reaching the furthest corners of the world, continuing to assist them with their causes.

Transparency and integrity

Every charity needs to work within the framework set by the Charity Commission and therefore it is essential to have a set of rules and regulations that help with the governance of the charity. These are described in the  Governing Documents available to view. An essential point of our governance is that wherever possible, the Deen Relief team consists of volunteers who are not paid any money so that the maximum amount of funds raised can be used to support the poor, vulnerable or disabled.

The trustees present their annual report and audited financial statements for each financial year ending on 31st July and confirm they comply with the Charities Act 1993, as amended by the Charities Act 2006, the Trust Deed and the Charities SORP 2005. Deen Relief is constituted as a charitable trust registered with the Charity Commission in June 2013 under charity number 1158608. It is governed by a Deed of Trust and it is registered as a Limited Company, Company number: 08593822.

This report will provide an insight into the organization, its history, its activities, funds raised and key challenges faced by the organization. This report will specifically point out company vision, objectives, strategy and its governance. The latest financial accounts for year ending July 2018 are also enclosed with some further discussions.

Deen Relief Ltd, operating as Deen Relief International is a registered charity in England and Wales number 1158608.

Your donations

Following fundraising events, any offline donations (i.e. cash) are recorded in our accounting system by a member of the management team, and witnessed by at least one other member of the management team. At least two trustees will calculate the total money raised and make records of all payments received. An overall assessment of the event will be recorded and discussed during the monthly meeting of the Trustees. The Trustees should meet the beneficiaries and assess how the funds raised will benefit them.

All money must be banked by a Trustee into the Deen Relief account as soon as is possible, be recorded and a receipt obtained. Our financial systems are set up so that donations made to a specific project are used for that project only. General unspecified donations will go into our Unrestricted fund which will be used on projects identified to have the greatest need. Deen Relief commits to spending no more than 10% of Deen Relief’s income on administration and running costs of a charitable organisation.

All contributions are communicated online on the Deen Relief website so that those making a contribution can see where their contributions have gone.


All fundraising activities must adhere to the requirements of the Charity Commission and we will use the Institute of Fundraising for guidelines depending on the nature of the good cause. The Trustees will act as fundraisers though they may appoint volunteers. We do not do door-to-door fundraising or cold-calling.

We do not receive funds from sources that do not permit them to be used and are not effective in helping poor, vulnerable or disabled children or adults, and do not represent or are associated with certain industries or risks that conflict with the mission of Deen Relief.

In order to ensure the above, all new sources of funding must be approved by the senior management team through our internal process.


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