We at Deen Relief have launched our most recent campaign for which we are raising funds to support young Syrian children suffering from cancer. They are innocent victims of war who have arrived in Turkey desperately seeking treatment whilst battling for their lives with a life-threatening disease. Sadly, cancer is the cause of most deaths in war-torn Syria today and so there is an urgent need for help.

Although treatment will be provided by the local hospitals, the recovery process will be extremely challenging without the necessary basic care provisions. Given the severity of this issue, Deen Relief plans to provide homes for these vulnerable children alongside with beds and food. This will provide the means for a more comfortable recovery while significantly improving the chances of surviving cancer.

We are grateful of any donations to help this incredibly important cause. Please kindly donate as much as you can to support these children during their difficult times and to give them a second chance at life. Together, we can make a difference insha’Allah.

Costs information guide:

🏠 To rent a home for a year: £500
💵 Utility bills for a year: £500
🍔 Food for a month: £50

Thank you in advance for your generosity.