The Gambia is one of the poorest countries in the world where 49% of the population live in poverty. SOS Children’s Villages (SOS) in The Gambia protects children who have lost parental care, or who are at risk of losing it, by ensuring children can grow up in a stable environment where they feel safe, loved and supported. SOS has been offering family-like care to unsupported children since 1949 giving children opportunities to have a brighter future. SOS Gambia also provide children with access to educational and extra-curricular programmes and healthcare. When the children become young adults, they join the SOS Youth Program to ensure they can plan for their future and are empowered to develop their own strengths.
The Greater Banjul area is experiencing its worst water supply shortage in 10 years. Almost 95% of the population living in the area are dependent on water provided by the National Water and Electricity Company (NAWEC) however the high demand outweighs the supply and frequent servicing of the machinery can result in low water pressure or no water supply completely for up to 10 days. The restricted use of water in SOS Children’s Village and SOS Youth Home in Bakoteh has led to the shortage of clean water for drinking and washing, restricted access to toilets and showers and lack of water to maintain the gardens in the village.
Deen Relief has decided to support the decision made by SOS Gambia by fully sponsoring the drilling two boreholes in the SOS Children Village and SOS Youth Home to ensure the health, hygiene and wellbeing of children, SOS Parents and other staff in the SOS Village Community and Youth Home. Your support towards the boreholes would also provide a regular water supply to 415 people and cover maintenance costs. The borehole installations would amount to roughly £6400 where additional funds would go towards children’s school supply and female sanitary products.