Our Mission & Values

Our Mission Statement

We help poor, vulnerable or disabled children and adults internationally and locally, through direct support or close partnerships with specialist organisations.

Our aim is to provide help to those who need it most where we can reach them directly, or work closely with those who can.

We recognise that people across the world and in our own community can benefit from our help, and we fundraise for and run projects in both. Our strategy is to raise money directly for our own causes such as the Bangladeshi Children Fund (BCF) where we distribute food and blankets internationally. We also support local causes such as Feeding the Homeless in Brighton and Hove.

As well as fundraising for our own causes we work with larger partner charities. Our partners have extensive experience and reach the far corners of the world and are reliable and registered charities. We will continue to assist them with some of their causes.

Our Values

  • We are honest and transparent in our fundraising and activities
  • Everyone is welcome to join us and help us
  • We do not judge anyone or any cause based on religion, race or background
  • We are not a political organisation and are not backing any political party
  • We care about humanity

Our Strategy

Every Charity needs to work within the framework set by the Charity Commission and therefore it is essential to have a set of rules and regulations that help with the governance of the charity. These are often referred to as Deed of Trustees. We have included these here below. The most essential point is that the trustees and the volunteers are not paid any money and all the money raised will be given directly to the causes. This guideline is our introduction to our charity selection policy in identifying charity projects that meet our objectives. They are not absolute and only tend to be a guideline for us to work on and build on as we grow and expand Deen Relief.


Identifying Projects

It is essential to us that the Projects we support with the funds we have raised are aligned with our
mission, and adhere to the following:

  • The beneficiaries are poor, vulnerable or disabled children or adults locally or internationally
  • The beneficiaries have a need for food, clothing, or other essential support
  • We are able to provide the support directly, or through a close partner who can provide the support directly
  • We able to publicly share information about the support we have provided, to comply with our transparency principle


In order to ensure this, any new projects being proposed to be funded need to be approved by the senior management team through our internal process.


Our Fundraising Principles

Having identified suitable projects to raise money for, we will need to adhere to the following principles for fundraising:

  • All fundraising activities must adhere to the requirements of the Charity Commission
  • We will use the Institute of Fundraising for guidelines depending on the nature of the good cause.
  • The Trustees will act as fundraisers though they may appoint volunteers
  • All of our activities must be carried out with honesty and transparency
  • No Door-to-Door Fundraising
  • No Cold-Calling

It is essential for us that do not receive funds from sources that:

  • Do not permit them to be used for helping poor, vulnerable or disabled children or adults
    locally or internationally, or in strengthening the ability of Deen Relief to help the poor,
    vulnerable or disabled.
  • Do not represent or are associated with certain industries or risks that conflict with the
    mission of Deen Relief.
  • Are not able to be used effectively to help the poor, vulnerable or disabled.


In order to ensure the above, all new sources of funding must be approved by the senior management team through our internal process.


Financial Integrity

Following fundraising events, any offline donations (i.e. cash) are recorded in our accounting system by a member of the management team, and witnessed by at least one other member of the management team.

All money must be banked by a Trustee into the Deen Relief account as soon as is possible. Our financial systems are set up so that donations made to a specific project are used for that project. Donations made to Deen Relief but not to a specific project will go into our Unrestricted fund which will be used on projects where we have identified the need to be greatest. The Management Team of Deen Relief commits to not spending more than 10% of Deen Relief’s income on the administration and running costs of Deen Relief as a charitable organisation.



Our preference is to directly provide support to the children and adults we raise funds for. However we recognise that to achieve our mission as best as possible, sometimes we need to collaborate with another organisation who has the specialist skills, access, or resources required to create the greatest impact for the people we would like to help. In these instances, we work with organisations whose mission is aligned with our own, and who are prepared to work very closely and openly with us so we can see how the Deen Relief funds are being used, on behalf of those who have donated to us.

In order to select some of these charities, the following must be followed:

  • Must be a registered charity in the UK
  • Must have been established for at least 5 years
  • Must have open and transparent policies
  • Must be able to provide statistical analysis on funds raised
  • Must adhere to our causes and objectives
  • Must provide support and assistance to help us in future fundraising events
  • Must be transparent
  • Must provide maximum value to the beneficiaries


Following fundraising events, at least two trustees will calculate the money raised and make records of all payments received. An overall assessment of the event will be recorded and discussed during the monthly meeting of the Trustees. The essential question to ask are:

  • Did we achieve our goals?
  • What can we do to improve?
  • Can we get some feedback from the parties involved?

All money must be banked immediate and any payments made must be recorded and a receipt obtained. The Trustees should meet the beneficiaries and assess how the funds raised will benefit them.

Decision Making Process

Before committing to any project or good cause, the trustees must arrange a meeting and discuss the various options, although the final decision will rest with the Founder and Director of Deen Relief Mr Shabek Ali.


Finally, it is absolutely essential that all activities are recorded and all contributions are
communicated online on the Deen Relief website. It is essential that those who made a
contribution to our cause are made aware of our activities and have the right to see
evidence of where their contributions have gone.