At Deen Relief we recognise that people across the world and in our own community ...
3.40% funded
339 day(s) to endGoal: £5,000.00
Brighton, UK
Helping vulnerable people to overcome their difficulties is greatly rewarding. However, even we need help ...
5.38% funded
308 day(s) to endGoal: £4,000.00
Sylhet Division, Bangladesh
Deen Relief’s Bangladesh Water Aid Project aims to provide people living in some of ...
20.75% funded
ENDEDGoal: £4,000.00
Eid Al-Adha, ‘Feast of the Sacrifice’, Eid Qurban, also called the “Festival of the Sacrifice”, ...
9.70% funded
ENDEDGoal: £10,000.00
Rakhine State, Myanmar
Ramadan – a sacred month of peace and blessings; a time of spiritual reflection like no ...
3.60% funded
ENDEDGoal: £10,000.00
Sylhet Division, Bangladesh
Helping vulnerable and disabled children and their families in one of the poorest, most desolate ...
30.90% funded
ENDEDGoal: £15,000.00
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