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Campaign description

Ramadan – a sacred month of peace and blessings; a time of spiritual reflection like no other.  Muslims everywhere eagerly look forward to this month to focus on drawing closer to Allah through fasting, extra prayers and extra good deeds.  Many Muslims have the luxury of rearranging their normal routines to reap the most reward out of this month.  It is an opportunity not to be missed.  Sadly, millions of our less fortunate Muslim brothers and sisters worldwide do not have this privilege.  In Ramadan, they continue their daily fight for basic survival.

Since August 2017, almost a million Rohingya refugees have fled violence and ethnic cleansing in neighbouring Myanmar and entered Bangladesh.  Today, they still live life on the edge, on the very margins of society.  Neither recognised as citizens of Myanmar nor accepted as members of Bangladeshi society, the Rohingyas’ suffering is far from over.  As refugees, they are stuck in camps which are more open prisons than homes.  They dream of returning to the land they left behind.

On 22 March 2021, a devastating fire ripped through the Kutupalong Refugee Camp in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh.  This tragedy claimed 15 lives and over 500 people suffered serious burn.  Hundreds more are still missing and tens of thousands have lost everything. (Source: UN).  For a second time, the Rohingyas are forced to start all over again.

This Ramadan, Deen Relief’s campaign focuses on education for the Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh. Our belief is that education is an inalienable right of every child.  An investment in their education today is an investment into their future.  The Prophet (saw) reminded us that sharing beneficial knowledge is one of the most honourable act of sadaqa jaariyah.

Deen Relief has been involved in helping the Rohingyas since…….  We have seen the dire situation first hand.  Right now, in the camps the refugees struggle to learn in makeshift shelters.  They are in desperate need of the most basic practical tools for learning.    We have identified the following items which are urgently needed:

  • Benches and tables for students
  • Chairs for teachers
  • Whiteboards
  • Stationery/textbooks
  • Solar panels (for electric fans and lights)


Below is a direct message from our contact in the camp ….

Any serious attempt to help the Rohingyas refugees out of poverty must address their right to a basic education.  It is their only hope to restore dignity and key to independence.

This Ramadan, help us invest into the honourable cause of providing a basic education for others.  Help us plant the seed of knowledge in the minds of our young Rohingya brothers and sisters.  Help us to help themselves.