• raised £8,737.00
  • Goal £3,000.00
  • Day left ENDED

Campaign description

At Deen Relief we have a strategy of working with international partners in order to reach out to difficult areas in the world. We aim to give 50% of the money we annually raise to international partners in order to save on costs and to reach those who desperately need help and need help fast.


Please note that if we fail to raise the amount of money we have set ourselves (our Goal), we will simply use whatever amount that has been raised and distribute it for our cause. If we raise more than our target, then we will use the surplus to purchase extra food and distribute it.

Why Syria?

The founder and Trustees of Deen Relief felt very passionate about helping the children caught in the conflict in Syria. With the destruction of cities in Syria, the number of Children left without parents or food has considerably increased. We wanted to help and started to raise money for this cause.

We chose to work with Human Appeal because of their reputation and strong corporate governance. They already had a large presence in Syria and their Sponsor an Orphan scheme was highly attractive to us.

We raised £8737 in total which went towards the monthly sponsorship of children.

Click on the links below to see our certificates of donations to Human Appeal in November 2014.

Human Appeal CertificateHuman Appeal Certificate