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Campaign description

The Rohingyas are one of the most persecuted communities in the world. Although, they have been living in the state of Arakan since the 8th century (which is now part of Burma), the Rohingyas have been under extreme scrutiny by the Burmese government. They haven’t been recognised as citizens of The Union of Burma since the 1962 coup d’etat by General Ne Win. After decades of oppression and marginalisation, the passing of the 1982 Citizenship Law deemed them officially stateless.

More than 30,000 Rohingya are now homeless and have been made refugees in their own homeland after countless hundreds of homes have been burned and razed by Burmese military over the last two weeks. The refugees are now at a critical tipping point as images of whole villages destroyed by the Burmese military were released.

Human rights abuses against the Rohingya have been entrenched in the social, political and economic systems of Burma or Myanmar for decades. Pushed to the margins of society, they are:

  • Restricted in their movement
  • Required to attain permission to marry from the NaSaKa (Arakan border force)- failure to do so will result in arrest
  • Denied the right to work
  • Denied education
  • Denied freedom to practice their religion and cultural customs

This is simply because the Rohingya- as one of the many ethnic minority groups in Burma, are different in:

  • Race (Rohingya are darker in appearance to the majority Burmese, with different physical and facial features.
  • Their language
  • Their faith (Rohingya community follow religion of Islam)
  • Their traditions and culture

As the result of these difference which many racist claims claim makes them not Burmese, but in fact Bangladeshi, the Rohingya are subjected to living as ‘non- citizens’ in their own homeland. In recent time the conflicts have escalated with many children being caught in the middle.

At Deen Relief, we felt the need to contribute towards helping with food and shelter. We raised money and in partnership with The Red Crescent Society of Bangladesh we helped the Refugee camps at the boarders between Bangladesh and Myanmar.


Please note that if we fail to raise the amount of money we have set ourselves (our Goal), we will simply use whatever amount that has been raised and distribute it for our cause. If we raise more than our target, then we will use the surplus to purchase extra food and distribute it.