About Us

The Founder

Deen Relief was started in 2013 by Brighton & Hove resident Shabek Ali . Shabek was born in Bangladesh and suffered from Polio as a child. As an adult living in the UK he became acutely aware of the suffering of thousands of Bangladeshi children living in Bangladesh unable to access adequate healthcare, support, education, and food. So he started Deen Relief to be able to provide a direct channel of support to these poor, vulnerable and disabled children. By asking friends and his local community in the UK for donations, he was able to deliver food parcels directly to children in remote areas of Bangladesh. Shabek has also set the direction of the organization to work across different countries in order to meet the objectives of the charity.

our mission

We help poor, vulnerable or disabled children and adults internationally and locally…

local community

We care about our local community just as much as international ones…

charity partners

To achieve our mission as best as possible, we work with Partners who have specialist skills and resources…


Our mission statement, values and principles, projects, documentations and more…

our people

We have a great team of dedicated volunteers who tirelessly help deliver what we promise…

bangladeshi children fund

Bangladeshi Children Fund (BCF) is one of our core projects helping disabled children…
Projects by region
We mainly operate in UK and Bangladesh. However, we also help out in other regions where help is needed. Click on an area for more information.
UK - Feed the homeless
We recognise that vulnerable people in our local community also need our help, so we provide food, drink, and clothing for homeless individuals in Brighton.    
Bangladesh - Children Fund
Bangladeshi Children’s Fund (BCF) was set up as part of Deen Relief strategy of making a difference directly to the poor and vulnerable children and their families.
Syria - Orphan sponsorship
We feel very passionate about helping the children caught in the conflict in Syria. We work with Ummah Welfare Trust because of their reputation and strong presence in Syria.
Rohingya - Aid for refugees
The Rohingyas are one of the most persecuted communities in the world. Deen Relief contributed towards helping with food and shelter, in partnership with Human Appeal and Ummah Welfare Trust.
Pakistan - Orphan sponsorship
Some 73 million Pakistanis live below the poverty line. We work with Ummah Welfare Trust to help these children in need.

our missions

We recognise that people across the world and in our own community can benefit from our help, and we fundraise for and run projects in both. Our strategy is to raise money directly for our own causes such as the Bangladeshi Children Fund (BCF) where we distribute food and blankets internationally. We also support local causes such as Feeding the Homeless in Brighton and Hove.

Help the homeless

Basic help for the homeless people in Brighton, UK. Food, blankets, winter clothing. Every little helps.

Help children

Help poor and disabled children globally, wherever we can. As much as we can. One child at a time.

Promote awareness

Promote awareness of problems locally and internationally through fundraising and various events
Thanks to our generous donors and hard working volunteers both in UK and abroad, we have been able to help many people. Please support us to expand and do more.
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Over 90 Thousand Pound raised
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Volunteers around the world
Projects in 5 countries
3000 +
People Helped